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Everything you love is here

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Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods

Now, this is far more what I was expecting when Taylor announced her assault on the world of pop.

The thing is, like we all said then she first said that, Taylor’s music has never been too far from pop music to begin with. She’s always known her way around songwriting, and even as far back as her second album her music relied on hooks, scaled Top 40 charts across the world and generally was pop music in all but name. “Out Of The Woods” trades on those similar qualities, unlike “Shake It Off” which felt like a vapid shedding of them. I mean, regardless of how many synths are blasting away behind her, the crescendo is classic Taylor Swift with the emotional climax, the ad-libs, and every other little touch that helps “Out Of The Woods” feel authentic to her.

As far as changing sounds go, you’re never going to convince me that Taylor wasn’t going to end up doing something like this eventually. “Shake It Off” was admittedly terrible and out of character, but “Out Of The Woods” sees her go pop in a way like never before without sacfricing any familiarity. It’s basically like if “All Too Well” went out to the club instead of the piano in the library to make the pain go away.

Keep it up, T Swift

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gossip girl on We Heart It.

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So, I havent posted or even been on tumblr in i do not know how long, I doubt I even have any followers left, but I think I am gonna come back to it. I miss posting and venting on here, it was such a good way to lent out all my feelings, even if no one is to see or read, glad to be back 

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never go to sleep without a dream, and you wake up if a reason for anyone not living you are not willing to live for you, remember that no day is like another and no one seems to you … There is only one person who can make you happy for a lifetime, and that person is yourself … If people want to get out of it, you leave … but they do not get in the door because they want to bother to enter.

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